Florine Does the Cooking provides a health concious vegan driven menu that works perfectly for anything; from intimate events to cosy canapés, big parties and everything in between. I love this little planet and I’m sure you do too. I therefore do everything I can to make your tastebuds dance while also making sure we give our home the best possible chance to thrive!

Drawing inspiration from colourful worldly streetfood, re-invented classics and nourishing wholefood meals I offer an imaginative approach to catering with a focus on sustainable practice. My menu is very flexible and I’m always happy to cater to your specific needs. Looking for a sneak peak? You can see the menu here.

Florine Does the Cooking consists of one happy-go-lucky traveller, who took her passion for food with her when she decided to sell all her belongings and travel the world. I take the business of feeding a crowd very seriously, but I don’t take myself very seriously at all. I always opt for more food, more adventure, more love, more everything. Smiling faces while I dance my way through any kitchen; it’s what I like best.

04 55 748 978